About is a collaborative internet environment aimed at everyone interested in producing and sharing media made with free software.

The collective's primary goals are:
  1. Gather a community that researches all free software related with content creation (both to produce and help produce that content)
The idea is that the portal can become a reference for people who look for information on multimedia production using free software and that the site's users create content collaboratively.
  1. Promote the production and circulation of free culture (that is: all work that can legally be freely distributed, remixed, retransmitted, especially under a Creative Commons license).
For this to happen it is important that all users collaborate as much as possible, sharing their knowledge. And more, the site's gallery provides a place to exchange all kinds of media.

Everyone can edit the site's pages!

Yes, that's right! Estú is a wiki, which means that any registered user can edit pages. Just notice that after you login an icon shows up on every page:

All you have to do is click it to change what is written on that page, you can: correct things, add links, add content and whatever else you might feel is necessary. You can also create new pages easily.

The concept behind 'Estúdio Livre'

Who we are

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